Book a Wedding Shuttle with On the Go Transit

Wedding season is just around the corner and if you’re stressing about transporting guests, hire us to take the worry out of it. Weddings are already stressful enough, so instead of worrying about how your guests will get from the airport to their hotel to the ceremony, we take care of it all with our Houston wedding shuttle services.

Wherever You and Your Guests Need to Go

We don’t limit where our shuttles can take you and your guests. As long as it’s in the Houston area, we can get you there comfortably, safely, and quickly. The beauty of our shuttle services in that we are almost like your personal chauffeurs that transport your guests from point A to point B to point A again in style.

We Can Fit the Entire Wedding Party

Our shuttles are not only comfortable but spacious too, and whether you need to transport five people or 20, we can accommodate you and the rest of the wedding party without a problem. Our state of the art shuttles are designed for maximum comfort, and you and the rest of the group will love not having to drive separate to the wedding.

Courteous Drivers

All of our drivers are extremely professional, certified, and licensed for a shuttle experience like no other. On the Go Transit takes pride in our drivers and they’ll ensure that the entire trip is as comfortable, enjoyable, and as safe as possible. They’ll pick you and the group up, take you to where you need to go, and will be ready to drop you off back at home when needed. They’re on time, and our shuttles are well-maintained and clean too.

Looking for something very special?

Plan your destination and let’s get started!

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