Sporting Events 

Houston is one of the premiere sport destinations in the U.S. The city hosts world-class sporting events that range from Olympic qualifying soccer matches and the NCAA Final Four to rodeos and Super Bowl LI. Houston’s five professional sport teams have long winning traditions and loyal fans. The city’s four stadiums hold over 150,000 fans collectively and feature events throughout the year. Welcome to Sports City, U.S.A.

On The Go Transit allows you to catch all the local home games. Our shuttles can take the whole family and friends on one of our clean comfortable shuttles.

Why take a sports shuttle to the game?

No hassle looking for a parking space. From the time of pick up to drop off, we make it a party! We get you ready for the BIG game with music, drinks and party favors to ensure you enjoy your ride to and from the game.

Why not book your next trip out to the ball park with On The Go Transit.

Looking for something very special?

Plan your destination and let’s get started!

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