How to Throw the Ultimate Christmas Party

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How to Throw the Ultimate Christmas Party

The holidays always mean plenty of dinners, events and of course parties, including those for work and home. If you’ve decided to host a Christmas shindig at your house this year, you’ll undoubtedly have a big project on your hands, however the end result is always worth it! Learn a few tips for throwing the ultimate Christmas party friends and family will talk about well into the new year.

The decision to host a holiday get-together means determining whether or not to throw a theme party, what time of day or night to have the event, menu creation, number of guests and everything else that makes up a fun holiday gathering. Since you’re hosting a Christmas party, you don’t have to worry too much about a theme, as your home is likely decorated for the season anyway! However, you will have to decide whether or not you want to throw a formal or informal dinner, hold a pollyanna or Yankee swap, and more.

If desired, take cues from Christmas party traditions. For example, the Germans used to hold their big Christmas party on Christmas Eve, which included the decorating and lighting of the tree, a large feast, and opening of presents. The Yule Log was traditionally burned in celebration of the Winter Solstice, but has since become a symbol of the Christian holiday tradition. Researching Christmas traditions around the world is certainly an option, or you can make up your own traditions to enjoy with family and friends. Whatever you decide to do, remember that Christmas is the season of love, peace, friendship and family. Keep these ideas in your heart and your party will be a success no matter what you decide to do.

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