Houston is a very diverse and beautiful city with so much to see and discover.

On The Go Transit was started by the founders out of love for the City of Houston . We feel everyone should be able to enjoy everything Houston has to offer. Unfortunately, there are those in our city due to their finances, medical conditions, lack of transportation, don’t get to experience or discover the wonderful City of Houston. So, we have made it our commitment every month, once per month to provide transportation to a family, child, or adult with special circumstances an opportunity to go spend the day sightseeing around this great City of Houston.

We are calling on the citizens of Houston to let us know of a deserving Family, Child, or Adult who you think deserves this opportunity to take a trip to the Houston Museum, Houston Zoo, or any of the many other great places around the city.

Please email and let us know about this Family, Child or Adult and why you think they are deserving of this opportunity.

Thank you in advance for letting On The Go Transit bring a smile to someone special!

Looking for something very special?

Pick your destination and let’s get started!

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